When I started photography nearly 10 years ago I could not have anticipated how it would change my life. Since then I have fallen madly for the art. I realized the extent of my passion when I went to sleep one night dreaming about photography, woke up thinking about photography, and had breakfast while reading about photography. Every chance I get photography guides me to new places and people. Despite my passion for photography my ethic has driven me to study medicine and currently I am a physician training in Neurology.

Some people think that photography is just a hobby or a passion, but it is so much more for me.  Photography is not a hobby. It is a way of life. I spend most of my time away from a camera, yet every moment is permeated with an appreciation of light, bokeh, color, and composition. It has changed how I see and appreciate the world around me. Whether I am at a hospital bed with patients or out with friends photography has enabled me to perceive and hold on to memories in a way I never was able to previously.  It is a way to guide my thoughts into a singular image, and to frame moments of imprecise organic beauty. 

Landscape photography has taken me on journeys all across the planet in search of transient beauty in nature. From waves moving glaciers on the shore of Iceland to fog rising off of Mono Lake in California during sunrise as if the sun boils the basin from steam giving form to rays of light penetrating the steamy jungle hot water cascade meeting a cool river in Guatemala are rare but precious moments I spend days awaiting and scouting.

Street photography is almost the exact opposite as I try to be present for spontaneous juxtapositions that life organically offers. These are all but missed in the modern hustle. While paying attention to light and composition the meaning of the moment is far more important than the precision of executing a studio project.

The balance of skills required between genres feed in to another and force me to grow throughout. Some people would say that photography is hobby, but for me it is a way of life. 

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Camera: Nikon D800e

Tripod: Gitzo Acratech ballhead

Lenses: 14-24 | 24-70 | 70-200 + ND and CPL

Anything seen on this website is available for limited series printing in metal, paper, and other media.

The metallic papers I use are archival quality and museum grade and can be framed to suit the surrounding decor. 

Metal is a  medium that is only a few years old with an organic quality that I have spent the past year studying. The metal print pigment is infused onto the print and takes on metamerism which means the print changes with the quality and temperature of the light giving them a beautiful luminescence. These come with a great production value ready to hang on the wall with a float mount.

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